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Laundry drying racks, rope, bed springs, a car door, chicken wire, wooden palettes, a ladder and rusty gates and ironwork of various shapes and sizes are all used to construct a haphazard barricade on the outskirts of Limerick City.


Liz Ryan’s photographic montage details this ramshackle, yet remarkable structure, as part of her continuing research exploring everyday life and creative interplay. Her enquiries further reveal that the barrier was built to keep horses happy and safe, grazing in a green field beyond. Yet, the site’s legal owners, the Irish Development Agency, continue to threaten action against this intrusion. They plan that this ground will eventually transform into a business park or factory, once a carefully planned foreign investment policy comes to fruition.


Designed by Wayne Daly in a concertina fold format, Under Starry Skies opens out over two metres in length, allowing for full panoramic detail of Ryan’s image. A critical text by Michele Horrigan and images of artworks by Limerick folk artist Bobby Duhig (1930 – 2014) are also featured, each offering further insights into Ryan’s work.

The publication is the third release by A.C.A. PUBLIC, an initiative established by Askeaton Contemporary Arts focusing on the multifaceted relationship between cultural production and the public realm.


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Join us from 3rd - 15th July 2017 as we host Michael Fliri, Patrick Hough, Tina O'Connell, Neal White, Kevin Barry & Olivia Smith (Winter Papers) as part of our annual residency programme. Public events will occur during the artists’ stay, culminating with an open day and tour on Saturday July 15.


Each summer since 2006, artists live and work in Askeaton. To see the many projects made throughout the town in often unexpected places and contexts, please click here




Throughout 2017 and into 2018, we partner with Lismore Castle Arts in County Waterford in The Expanded Field, introducing and developing new artistic positions to explore the cultural and spatial environments of the Munster region.


Artists announced include Stuart Whipps, the Centre for Land Use Interpretation, The Domestic Godless and Filip Van Dingenen. Further updates and details will be soon announced.



As part of Askeaton's Contemporary Arts' publishing venture, we'll release a new book written by Catalina Lozano of Mexico City in the coming months. Our reissue of John Carson's  seminal 1978 project A Bottle of Stout in Every Pub in Buncrana is now sold out, following successful launches and events in Askeaton, London, Vancouver and Derry.


Find out more about how and why art is made in Askeaton in this collected volume with contributions by Valerie Connor, Mike Cooter, Wayne Daly, Steve Maher, Susan MacWilliam, Curt Riegelnegg, Nuno Sacramento and Freek Wambacq.


52 pages, 250 x 290mm

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