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Plaman Bontchev

In an artwork called A Stolen Euro is a Stolen Life, Bontchev investigated the nature of the Celtic Tiger economy by opening up a retail premises and giving away magic seeds, promising that they would bloom into money trees.





Morten Steen Hebsgaard
In an sculpture entitled Bench / Bench, Hebsgaard found an overlooked area of Askeaton with a rarely used picnic table and mirrored the shape of the table upon itself.








Taner Tumkaya
Common sense is not common, a 10 metre high sculpture was erected beside the River Deel.

When the artist was asked why it was yellow, he quickly replied "Van Gogh!"







Holly O'Brien
A shed was constructed from various materials found around Askeaton. Then, many people donated objects from their backgarden sheds. A final installation featured the display of all donated objects and an accompanying soundpiece. At the end of the project, the structure was dismantled and everything returned to its original location.







Karl Orton
In From Hollywood to Askeaton (literally), the artist delved into the psyche of local teenagers. In a series of encounters initated by Orton, he produced photographs, videos and sculptures that reflected the similarities between a small rural Irish town and its cultural influences from Los Angeles.




Mark McGreevy
A wall drawing containing abstract and figurative compositions was made in-situ at Askeaton Civic Trust.