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Sculptor Eleanor Duffin is awarded the 2017 Tottenham Hale International Studios (THIS) Residency.

Jointly organised by THIS and Askeaton Contemporary Arts, the residency gives Eleanor the opportunity

to live and work in London next summer, following an open call for applications earlier this year.


Eleanor's residency is supported by funds from Limerick 2020 Candidate City for European City of Culture.

See more of her work here




see here


SEANIE BARRON at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 2015

See Seanie Barron's walking sticks on exhibit in Trinity College's gallery from October 9 - December 2, 2015

A new book, co-published by Askeaton Contemporary Arts and the Douglas Hyde Gallery features a text

by John Hutchinson and reproductions of sticks in the exhibition.

Find out more at the Douglas Hyde Gallery website



SEAN LYNCH represents Ireland at the Venice Biennale

Askeaton Contemporary Arts' organiser Sean Lynch presents a new project, Adventure: Capital

at the Venice Biennale from May to November 2015.



In association with Tottenham Hale International Studios (THIS) in London, Askeaton Contemporary Arts

have initiated an international artist exchange programme. Starting in 2015, former Askeaton participants

will be invited to live and work in London, supported with a stipend, studio and accommodation.

Steve Maher is the first recipient of the scheme.


Askeaton Contemporary Arts at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast / CCA, Derry-Londonderry

Artist Residency Alternatives: presentations & panel talkI

In 2014, CCA invited a number of organisations to present their position on alternative forms

of artist residency. Curators from Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (UK), Treignac Projet

(France), and Askeaton Contemporary Arts (Ireland), will introduce their organisational

practices and upcoming programmes.

More here


Amanda Rice writes about her 2014 residency in Askeaton

On the Collected website, see here


Askeaton's been Punk'd

Article about Askeaton Contemporary Arts by Manchan Magan in The Irish Times

See here


Mad Max, Fairy Bushes and Hellfire

Michele Horrigan writes about Askeaton Contemporary Arts

and the status of contemporary art in Ireland on Dutch website The Naked.

See it and other articles and contributions at


Stephen Brandes and Fiona Larkin recently presented artworks in Amsterdam,

as part of Askeaton Contemporary Arts' contribution to Kunstvlaai 2014.

In Stephen's work, The Last Travelogue of Albert Sitzfleisch, he tells of a fictional

traveller, reporting from his journey across Europe, commenting on its recent history.

The images derive from photographic collage and hand-rendered drawings that are

re-worked through digital editing. Inspired by personal observations, with a leaning

towards absurdist invention and references to episodes in modern European history,

the work address our differing perspectives on familiar histories, unfamiliar cultures

and an indeterminate future, with a measured mixture of humour and poignancy.


Freek Wambacq's Galloping Horses arrives back in Askeaton!

Carl Doran and Patricia Ranahan reinstall the work after the coconuts

galloped up and down to Dublin for an an exhibition at Pallas Projects...


In summer 2013, Freek Wambacq placed objects used by Foley artists to synthesize sound

for TV and film into the everyday fabric of Askeaton, creating unexpected juxtapositions

through their presence and the language used to describe each work. So, using a sheet of

stainless steel, he created thunder in Deel Launderette & Dry Cleaning Agents. He also took

unrolled audio tapes to have leaves rustling in Shanahan's Grocer and Newsagent.

For Pallas Periodical #3, the annual review of the Irish art scene, Wambacq will visit

Dublin, and will move Galloping Horses from Askeaton’s Ranahan’s Bar to Fallon's Pub close to

Pallas Projects. From December 2013.

See Pallas Projects website here


Michelle Browne's Walk, Jump, Leap, Soar (made in Askeaton in 2013) features

in The Year of the Flood, a group exhibition at FLOOD, Dublin. From November

- December 2013, more information here

Listen to exhibition curator Michele Horrigan talk about the show on RTE Radio One here


Stephen Brandes’ A Hellfire Club – A History Continued appears in

Ireland of the Welcomes, November 2013:

“Askeaton was a strategic river crossing where the bodies of inhabitants were

defended by a notable castle and their souls by Franciscan brethren whose friary

stands close by. The village has been reduced in strategic importance by the

building of a bypass and a new bridge but follow the signpost on the main road,

charming houses, a riverside walk and the towering ruins of fortress and friary.

There is an information centre in the square and, by the riverside below in the

castle, a signboard of the rarest kind. It says nothing of the past or present but

predicts happenings in Askeaton in the distant future. Between 2240 and 2263AD,

a succession of horrible happenings are to occur, terminating in the destruction

of the castle by thirty six lighting strikes and a fireball…”


Undercover: A Dialect is a group exhibition curated by Michele Horrigan at

VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art, Carlow Amongst others, it features

artworks from Stephen Brandes, Sean Lynch, aiTopu,Jeronimo Hagerman

and Magdalena Jitrik, all of whom have lived and worked in Askeaton.

From October 2013 - January 2014, see more here


Berndnaut Smilde's Until Askeaton Has Streetview is currently on show as

part of his solo exhibition at the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht,

from September 2013 - January 2014, see more here


Askeaton Contemporary Arts visit Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp

Butchers, botanists, bankers, bibliophiles, and more—they’re all in on it.

For Rain after snow, Freek Wambacq subtly intervened in 14 locations

and spread a narrative loop of silent sounds throughout Antwerp, placing

objects used by Foley artists to synthesize sound for TV and film into

the everyday fabric of Antwerp, creating unexpected juxtapositions through

their presence and the language used to describe each work.

Askeaton Contemporary Arts will dispatch weatherman Sean Lynch to talk

with Wambacq about Rain after snow, and to take us on the full tour.

Wambacq's site specific project was developed in Askeaton during 2013's

Welcome to the Neighbourhood. Exhibition in Antwerp runs 14 September

to 26 October 2013, see Objectif Exhibition's website here


Drawings by Oswaldo Ruiz made in Askeaton in 2011 are exhibited as part

of his extensive project Anudamientos, a solo project and intervention into

the studio of Joaquin Clausell (1866-1935) at Museo De La Ciudad De Mexico,

Mexico City, April - June 2013.


Berndnaut Smilde's Until Askeaton Has Streetview, made in Askeaton in 2009, is currently

on exhibition at the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries

Details here



Askeaton Contemporary Arts at Independent Curators International, New York

Discussion and book launch

4 October 2012, 6:30–8pm
ICI Curatorial Hub, 401 Broadway, New York

More information here


Allan Hughes' video and photographic installation Neutral States, commissioned

and produced by Askeaton Contemporary Arts, is reviewed in the Summer 2012

edition of Artforum

The review by Declan Long is available to read here

Download the exhibition invite here and accompanying essay here


Oswaldo Ruiz, Askeaton Idle, 2011

New York-based BOMB magazine features an online article on some

recent Irish art by Askeaton Contemporary Arts curator Michele Horrigan.

It can be read here at BOMBBLOG


Magdalena Jitrik's artwork Painting in Askeaton is included in the 12th Istanbul Biennial,

curated by Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann. The exhibition runs from 17 September-

13 November 2011, and features a painting and video made by Magdelena during 2009's

Welcome to the Neighbourhood. Painting in Askeaton also features in the publication

Vitamin P2 New Perspectives in Painting, an overview of new contemporary painting from

around the world published by Phaidon.

Magdalena's video can be seen here


Martin Parr contributes a photograph, taken in Askeaton in the early 1980s, as the invite image

for 2011's Welcome to the Neighbourhood.


Michele Horrigan reports on The Curatorial Intensive, a New York-based workshop organised

by Independent Curators International.