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The Askeaton Commune - 2016


Jorge Satorre fragments a drawing made especially for him by cartoonist Martyn Turner throughout four rooms in an empty building on Church Street. Satorre asked Turner, a well-known satirist whose work appears in the Irish Times almost every day, to make a cartoon not about current affairs or today’s news but rather about himself. Satorre describes the building as a metaphor for Martyn Turner’s head, and walking through its rooms act as a poetic journey through Turner’s thoughts and life.





Filip Van Dingenen’s investigation into the role and importance of seaweed in Askeaton’s industrial past yielded many surprising results – up until the 1950s seaweed was harvested in small plots along by the Deel river and Shannon Estuary, many of which can still be seen today at low tide. It was then heaped into piles on Askeaton’s Green and kept under secure guard, before being distributed throughout Munster as a potato fertiliser. Considering this history and recent Irish state activities in the privatisation of harvesting rights, Van Dingenen's graphic works begin to propose a new international treaty concerned not only with seaweed rights, but with unheard environmental spirits.







Alan Counihan’s residency at local factory Kingspan has resulted in a collection of surreal plastic headstones placed around Askeaton town and hinterland.






Catalina Lozano’s laminated notes appeared throughout our Annual Open Day path, each revealing profound and illuminating insights into her curatorial research in recent times. Catalina is now working on a new text to be published by A.C.A. PUBLIC following her residency.