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Michael McLoughlin

With local community help, the artist organized a game of bingo for one night only in the Community Hall. This was the first time in 25 years that Askeaton hosted bingo. Two hundred people attended. A final installation consisted of sound recordings of the event. Since the event, a revival occured and bingo has been held once a month in the town, thanks to Michael's foresight.


Not Abel

This artist duo often focus on historical sites and local social systems. Hence was made

as an intervention on the title of a Christian newspaper. Pill Box consisted of a flag sited

on one of several abondoned pillboxes in Askeaton. These concrete structures were built

around the town as lookout stations during World War II to forewarn against possible

invasion from German forces attacking from the Shannon river estuary. The artists’ flag

featured a film still of Charlie Chaplin from the film The Great Dictator (1940),

installed atop the pillbox.






Peggy Franck
The artist used a variety of materials to create an installation. She then photographed herself
in-situ within the installation and showed these photographs as part of the final piece.

Marie-Jeanne Hoffner
Hoffner completed a series of architectural interventions in unused retail units in the town.

In one space, she created a raised floor, lit from underneath with fluorescent lights. In another

space a kind of bricolage was constructed, using building materials and images of buildings

and sites around Askeaton.



Oliver Heinzenberger
The artist created sculptural tumbleweeds, leaving them in various locations around the town.